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Wool Fashion in Suits With Yünsa Collections

While the ‘comfort’ trend in men’s fashion increases its effectiveness day by day, wool fabrics that provide comfort all day and that maintain moisture balance in our bodies are getting more and more popular in the shop windows. Turkey and Europe’s largest integrated manufacturer of high‐segment wool fabric Yünsa produces stretch wool fabrics for suits providing convenience and comfort for men wearing suits all day. Yünsa offers elegance and comfort to the ready‐made clothing giants with its collections.
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Interview with General Manager of Yünsa, Nuri Düzgören on CNN.
Fall / Winter 2020 by Yünsa. 
Yünsa's quality fabrics meets with minimal designs. High waisted wool pants and jacket by Piano. 
Yünsa was in Première Vision Paris this September, exhibiting its 2020 Fall/Winter Collection.