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Yünsa Menswear Collections Designer Luca Valle's Interview From Première Vision Paris

Enjoy our scenes and notable moments from Premiere Vision Paris September 2018!

Range of this collection starts with wool/lycra, wool blends with lycra and techno blend ladylike suiting and trousers fabrics. We are presenting piece dyed items and fancy yarn dyed wovens from minimal designs to fancy double face weaves and plaids. Ladies jacketing and suiting in business look in viscose blends and casual looks in linen/cotton/lycra blends. Brand new story is the light weight. Starting from 145gr/mt; wool/lycra and wool/polyester/lycra articles have been developed on different structures and weaves offering plaid, stripe, micro and dobby patterns. Lycra blended “Power Stretch” fabrics are created for all day long comfort. 
Yünsa will be attending international fashion & fabric trade fairs in 2019!
We’re addicted to this smart and casual style made out of Yünsa fabrics!
Yünsa’s sustainability report was published! We’re working with all our strength for a more livable environment. We recycled and utilized 1.777 kilograms of waste wool as raw material. So, be responsible and wear wool!
Wool keeps you and your loved ones warm. So let's fall in love and wear wool!
Think pink, feel happy!

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