10 October 2018

New Export Record from Yünsa, one of the Most Valuable Turkish Brands

According to the results of survey “Top 1000 Export Companies” of Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) for the year 2017, Yünsa, the biggest integrated high‐segment of worsted fabric manufacturer of Turkey and Europe, broke a record once again with 199 million TL exports revenue in 2017 by an increase of 19%. Increasing its brand value from “BBB” to “A”, Yünsa also became one of the most valuable brands of Turkey in the survey “Most Valuable Brands ‐Turkey 100” by Brand Finance, an international brand‐rating agency. 
According  to TIM 2017 “Top 1000 Exporter Companies” survey  revealed in  June, Yünsa, the  biggest  integrated  high‐segment  of  worsted  fabric  manufacturer  of  Turkey  and Europe,  is  ranked  312th  with  199  million  export  revenues.  Yünsa  increased  its  export revenue by 19% compared to the previous year.  Nuri  Refik  Düzgören,  General  Manager  of  Yünsa,  stated  that  they  strengthened  their positions  with  this  success;  "Today,  we  are  exporting  to  more  countries,  offering more than  400 products  to our customers. In Turkey, we carry out  70% of  the exports in our sector. Export consists  2/3 of our annual  turnover and we meet about  5% of  the world total worsted market. As Yünsa, in  the last 5 years, we exported products worth TL 906 million  to  the international market. Today, we are  one  of  the  five largest  high‐segment worsted  fabric  exporters  in  the  world  with  our  production  capacity,  and  we  are  doing business  with  many  international  brands. Expanding  to  the  Far  East,  where  we  are currently  working  with  relatively  small  volumes  in  2018  is  our  main  strategy.  We  will continue  to  contribute  to  the  economic  growth  of  our  country  and  to  the  national economy and industrial accumulation in line with our export targets”. 
Yünsa, one of Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands 
Yünsa  strengthened its  success in exports with  brand  value. In a  newly  released  survey  by the international brand rating agency, Brand Finance, where they rated the brands operating in Turkey in the automotive, finance, energy and many other industries, Yünsa improved its brand  strength  from  “BBB”  to”  A”  and  has  been  registered  as  one  of  the  most  valuable brands in Turkey. Stating that “As Yünsa, we are not only contributing to the domestic economy through direct investments  and  the  employment  we  provide;  but  also  we  have  a  sustainable  business model that is sensitive to the environment we live in” Düzgören adds:  "The textile sector is a challenging one compared  to the other sectors in Turkey and in the world  in  terms  of  changing  dynamics,  production  process  and  raw  material  supply.  We produce  high‐segment  products  in  this  sector.  We  manage  our  financial  and  operational processes  with  the  right  strategy.  We  have  a  large  customer  portfolio  including  global brands; we are successful in exports, which is an important  factor that increases our brand value. With the support of Sabancı Holding, to which we are affiliated, and our way of doing business and experience, we are proud of being one of Turkey’s most valuable brands. We created a healthy structure by managing our  restructuring process in a controlled manner. With our collection for intercontinental fashion trends and customer expectations, solution‐oriented approach and innovative  products  in line  with  our global  leadership goal, we are the  biggest integrated  high‐segment  worsted  fabric manufacturer  in Turkey and  in Europe under a single roof. 

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