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Intellectual Property

Within the organisation of Yünsa R&D Centre, a Patent Unit has been established in order to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (brand, patent, utility model, industrial design) and tracking the legal procedure. 

The collaborations, joint research-development activities and projects with national-international partners that are performed intensely within the R&D centre are under protection with the framework of Intellectual Property Rights Non-Disclosure Contracts of Yünsa. The role of the Patent and Utility model system, which starts with the disclosure of the invention and possesses the quality of a social contract is to encourage technological innovation, competition and investment, informing on up-to-date technical developments and to encourage technology transfer. Possessing 1 Patent, 3 Utility Model that are registered with the activities initiated in 2012, Yünsa has prioritised its 2017 strategies. In this context, Yünsa has applied for 1 National Patent in 2016, for 2 National and 1 International Patents in 2017, for 1 Utility Model, 1 National Patent in 2018.


Application File Number Heading
Patent 2012/1995 A Crabbing Machine
Utility Model 2014/08361 Colour Control and Comparison System Installed on Textile Control Machine 
Utility Model 2014/14977 An End Combining Apparatus for Textile Yarns
Utility Model 2015/00912 An Ultrasonic Cleaning System for Economisers 
Patent 2016/09859 A System Controlling the Static Electricity Generated the on Fibre in the Pulling Machine and Determining the Blend Oil Amount
Patent 2017/03842 A Core Yarn Production System
Patent PCT/TR2017/050729 A Method For Detectıng Weft And Warp Regions In Woven Fabrıcs
Patent 2017/23071 A Sound Insulation Material
Patent PCT/TR2018/050014 A Core Yarn Production System 
Utility Model 2018/14669 A Yarn with Cut Resistance and Difficult Flammability Feature and A Fabric Containing this Yarn
Patent P T2018-01580 Generation of a Non-woven Surface Made of Wool Wastes


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