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R&D Centre Definition
While continuing its sales and marketing activities in order to maintain its leading position in the international arena, Yünsa continues its modernization and improvement works that improve the product quality and reduce the industrial cost.
In this context, our company aims to increase our competitive power in the world, to consolidate its leading position in textile export and to develop high value added and innovative products in order to increase our share in exports. In line with this goal, the R&D Centre was established in 2010 in order to carry out projects in coordination with universities and research centres, to create an innovation culture, and to lead the development and learning of new technologies. Studies are carried out in accordance with the Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities. Since 2010, approximately 2% of the company turnover has been allıcated to R&D activities. Until today, approximately 38 Million TL has been invested in R&D studies. Almost 300 new products have been developed and a total of 262 projects have been realized with the support of European Union and with our own resources.
Under the R&D Centre: 
- Open innovation works within the scope of university-industry cooperation (KUSI) and cooperation protocols with universities are carried out.
- Trainings are given to increase the technical competence and quality of R&D engineers. In addition, it is aimed to increase the human resources and strengthen the projects with researchers from different disciplines with the undergraduate and doctorate incentive system.
- By working with R&D business partners, the development stage of developing prototypes and to transform them into innovative products and services are carried out together.
- After the evaluation of new technologies, technological road maps are defined in order to increase the number of patents and participation in scientific publications. Therefore, the process of transforming ideas into products and services is accelerated.
- EU research projects and advanced research projects are coordinated.

TechXtile Innovation League Award to Yünsa

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