Yünsa is playing a trend creator role by leading woolen & worsted fabric producer of menswear. We invest our knowledge and experience for supplying wide selection of fabric types considering continental diversities. Based on this idea, in each season two different collections are prepared for all customers by following key fashion terms of American and European trends. Men’s Fabric compositions include:
Since 1999, Yünsa is one of the leading companies in women’s fabrics combining the technical know-how with creativity and innovation. Yünsa is dedicated to achive high quality and elegant and refined taste with her talented and experienced design team with the pride of presenting innovative ideas, trendy desings and a huge palet of fashion colors. Some of our ladieswear fabric compositions are:
The preferences of men who do not want to give up from elegance and comfort are determining the fashion trends nowadays. While the comfort is the first choice, the style is observed to be in remarkable changes as well. Presenting Premium collection according to these trends, Yünsa takes its place in the shop windows of giant brands with its assertive designs.
This young divison carries experience of Yunsa in the production of woolen fabrics into separate trousers and corporatewear fabric collection. In order to serve its customers best, this division prepares custom made collections with added value fabrics for each geographical market it serves. The wide production range of Yünsa Corporatewear division includes blends of:
With the advandage of the compatible production line, wool blended furnishing fabrics have become a passion and exciting business part of Yünsa since 2003. Contract fabrics and mobiltech fabrics required in the commercial vehicle industry are carefully developed and manufactured to meet the highest expectations of the oem.

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