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Sustainability Policy

Our sustainability approach at Yünsa is based on the principle of creating value for all our key stakeholders, which is beyond just creating economic value for our shareholders and investors, by taking into consideration also our social and environmental responsibilities. We manage all material issues in a manner to exceed our legal obligations and take into consideration the expectations of our key stakeholders. We carry out activities with a view to managing our sustainability impact, and provide updates on our progress recorded towards our goals. Our corporate and ethical values are the key principles that serve to guide us throughout our journey towards our sustainability targets.

Our principles:


Human Resources and Employee Rights

  • Acting in accordance with human rights in our relationship with all our stakeholders including our employees, suppliers and business partners in particular, and encouraging them to be sensitive in this regard;
  • Identifying human rights risks for the people at our workplace and in our value chain, and taking necessary action to prevent such risks.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Implementing and improving preventive occupational health and safety systems in all our activities, and turning this into a lifestyle for all our employees;
  • Ensuring that everyone participates in risk reduction efforts;
  • Taking measures one step ahead of the legal requirements.

Customer Health and Safety

  • Developing safe and healthy products in line with a management approach focused on continuous improvement with a view to protecting human health.


  • Creating a working environment that promotes ethical values for a sustainable work life and that fosters mutual trust, where responsibilities are owned and achievements are recognized, diversity and variety are respected, ideas and expectations are considered, a balance is maintained between professional and personal life, and policies and applications exceeding legal requirements are implemented.

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

  • Implementing a diversity policy from recruitment to retirement and providing everyone with equal opportunities under the Constitution and the applicable law regardless of language, race, skin color, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability and so on.

Training and Development

  • Supporting Corporate Development and providing our employees with different trainings to help them develop skills that will allow them do their job in the most effective manner


Energy and Emissions

  • Measuring and assessing energy consumption and taking proactive measures;
  • Determining the share of all consumption processes in energy intensity and producing input for improvement activities;
  • Reducing energy intensity through the efficient use of resources;
  • Fighting global climate change;
  • Reducing greenhouse gases caused by our operations.


  • Measuring and assessing water consumption and taking proactive measures;
  • Determining the share of all consumption processes in water intensity and producing input for improvement activities;
  • Carrying out activities to make water consumption more efficient.

Waste and Waste Water

  • Taking measures for reducing all wastes including waste water and eliminating wastes in line with human-environmental health;
  • Contributing to circular economy by means of ensuring the use of wastes as raw materials.


  • Selecting materials that are sustainable and suitable for clean production;
  • Using materials in a manner to minimize environmental impact;
  • Producing products of the same quality with less ingredients through the efficient use of all materials;
  • Increasing the use of recycled materials.


  • Creating economic value to contribute to the social development;
  • Ensuring sustainable growth by means of assessing corporate risks;
  • Working with suppliers who are sensitive about ethical values, employee rights, occupational health and safety, environmental health, energy and water efficiency, and so on;
  • Developing sustainable products by means of focusing on R&D and innovation.


  • Carrying out our operations in line with an ethical, transparent and accountable corporate management approach;
  • Raising awareness on sustainability among all our stakeholders including mainly our employees;
  • Maintaining strong relationship with all our stakeholders and strengthening communication;
  • Ensuring that sustainability activities are spread throughout all stakeholders, and ensuring that the relevant responsibilities are shared;
  • Spreading the sustainability approach throughout the entire value chain;
  • Complying with the requirements of national and international legislation; and
  • Fighting all kinds of corruption and bribery regardless of intention, and terminating the relationship with third parties who wish to engage in corruption and bribery to do business.

In line with the foregoing principles, we undertake to:

  • constantly improve our sustainability activities;
  • create a corporate culture that fosters continuous development and improvement;
  • revise systems, processes and communication channels and restructure them in line with the requirements; and
  • fulfill our responsibilities in the best manner possible and improve our way of working with an environmental, social and economic sustainability approach.


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