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HR Applications
In our recruitment process, what is aimed is selecting and placing candidates who will convey our company to the future, has our company values, and is the most suitable candidates to the job. Thanks to this, we believe that will comprise long term, productive and efficient working life. In the selection process via using structured competence based interviews, personality inventories, foreign language tests, role plays, cases and slideshows an objective and systematic approach is displayed.
Personal and Organizational Development
With the purpose of development and empowerment of employees and organization, making the number of performance oriented, highly competent and multiple talented employees increased is a priority of Human Resources Department for providing constant success. With this purpose, several training and development activities about needed fields and issues starts with recruitment and goes on during working life.
Orientation Training
Orientation programmes are implemented with the purpose of helping fresh employees for understanding company rules and policies; addition to this enabling orientation to the company. The first days in the company are not only efficient namely on the first impression, they are hardening and ever lasting the links with the company, making the employee to feel close to the company and seeing himself/herself as a part of the organization in the short term; but also they affects employee commitment, job performance, keeping on the decision of staying in the company in the long term With the aim of incarnation of fresh employees to the company, there is an application called Responsible of Department Orientation (RDO). RDOs are in charge of advertising processes to the fresh employee. They accompany to the employee during the time spent in the department, also they provide support that the employee needs.
Talent Development and Multiple Skills Development Training
Skills development trainings are given in a systematic way to the fresh and current employees with the purpose of transfering the fundemental knowledge and skills for doing their job, Content of such trainings are set according to the position&skills tables. Moreover multiple skills development training programmes are implemented with the purpose of giving additional skills and enable internal towing.
Management Systems Training
Such trainings are trainings about Total Productive Management, Quality Management System, Environmental Waste Management System and Occupational Health&Safety collateral to their duties and responsibilities given to the employees.
Development Programmes
These are programmes which target top managers, senior managers, specialists and juniors through company targets, knowledge, skills and talents that expected to develop. These programmes can be internal and external.
Performance Management
Performance system is implemented to align Yünsa’s sustainability strategy and long-term goals with the priorities and targets of executive directors and white-collar employees and to ensure that they are embraced. This has made monitoring and reporting sustainability goals possible and sustainability goals were integrated into the employee performance system.

Demoting long term strategies and targets of the company to operations and pursuing performance is provided by balanced scorecard. With balanced scorecard acumen, company targets, functional targets, and department targets are being pursued.

By implemented personal performance management, demotion of departmental targets to personal targets, considering employees out of decent and objective canons, getting motivated about breeding results and placing sustainable development culture are provided.

Hence expecting outcomes from different positions are differing performance evaluation is done;

As per reaching success of given job targets and fixed behavioral targets (competencies), pro white-collar employees,

As per fixed performance targets and fabrication (productivity, quality results), pro blue-collar employees,

Remuneration and Package
A remuneration and package system is implemented that will draw in to our company and reward in accordance the value added to the organization.

Remuneration and package system of the white-collar employees resting job sizes, market datum or data, and remuneration policy that is comprised according to company performance and success of reaching personal targets. In this context, the wage and fringe benefits research reports of the wage research companies with which service agreements are made are analyzed and the company wage policy is created. Remuneration and package system of the blue-collar employees are marshaled by Collective Labour Agreement (CLA).



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