Yünsa is playing a trend creator role by leading woolen & worsted fabric producer of menswear. We invest our knowledge and experience for supplying wide selection of fabric types considering continental diversities. Based on this idea, in each season two different collections are prepared for all customers by following key fashion terms of American and European trends.

Men’s Fabric compositions include:

  • 100% Wool
  • Wool/Cashmere
  • Wool/Lycra
  • Wool/Polyester (with/without lycra)
  • Wool/Cotton
  • Wool/Linen
  • Wool/Silk Blends
  • Other wool blended compositions

Fabrics are available in yard dyed, piece dyed & top dyed with different finishing applications such as Water & Oil Repellent, Washable, Natural Strecth.

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