Four Seasons Effect of Yunsa Fabrics
10 December 2018

In the men fashion world, if there is something more important than the priority of elegance, it is comfort. YunSa fabrics can be your saviour for 4 seasons with its breathing and humidity controlling features.

If we want to interact in special invitations as well as daily hassle, it is one of the things we most desire is to catch the elegance of comfortable fabrics without limiting our movement ability. We get exactly what we want with YunSa Premium collection fabrics obtained by blending wool, which is a natural and sustainable raw material, with linen, silk and cashmere. 


In the autumn season, you can catch a minimal casual street style with blazer jackets and chino trousers that you can put on knitwear during the time the winds of change is felt during autumn. At the times when you don’t know exactly how the weather will be, the pieces made of wool blended fabrics with the ability to keep humidity control in balance will allow you to spend the season comfortably. The casual fabrics from YunsaLab which the cotton is glossed with linen and lycra will be your helping hand, especially assisting you making layering.


In the autumn when weather conditions are tough, cashmere clothes are one of the most preferred. You can choose to wear trench coats that you can wear on your vest or blazer jackets. A calm, dignified style you can have with trench coats with narrow cuts or loose patterns can help you adapt to the effect of the autumn season. For protection from rainy weather; We can prefer a trench coat sewn from the water-repellent fabrics of Yunsa.


If we are not in the sea or on hot sands during the hot days of summer, every fabric we put on us feels heavy and surplus to us. When the temperature starts to rise above the seasonal norms, the most preferred pieces are shorts and basic t-shirts. When choosing these pieces, the issue that should be considered should be whether the fabric is breathing or not. With its breathable and flexible structure, YunsaLab collection with linen-cotton blend that adjusts the body-environment relationship in the best way which allows you to make the most comfortable combination by preventing your sweating in humid weather.


If you think that wool fabrics only belong to the winter season, you’re sorry but you are wrong. Pieces made of wool fabrics that have an effect of four seasons can be the right decision for your closet in spring and summer as well. We are gradually getting rid of our layers in the spring and summer season when we move from dark tones to more natural and pastel tones. In the spring season where the sun is felt, white, sandy and blue tones come to the fore in our colour palette besides the classical colours. The combinations of modern jacket fabrics blended with linen, cotton and wool among the Yunsa Premium collection with shirts or knitwear is the synergy we are looking for.



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