Weaving For The World
07 December 2018
History of the brand
Yünsa established in 1973 and went public in 1990. In the first phase, it started to produce wool fabrics for men’s wear, in 1998; it has added women’s clothing to its portfolio. 
Today, Yünsa is the largest integrated wool fabric producer in Europe and is among the world’s top five high-segment worsted manufacturers. As an organization that exports throughout the world, Yünsa has offices in England, Italy and Germany and agencies in Spain, France, Czechia, Serbia, Canada, Russia, Japan, Korea, Slovakia and Italy in order to monitor developments closely and to better follow-up its activities. Every season, Yünsa fabrics are exhibited in the world’s leading textile fairs and take place in the showcases of ready-to-wear giants.
Productivity and Activities in Turkey
Yünsa is one of the top five upper-segment wool fabric exporters in the world with its production capacity and it cooperates with many international brands. Yünsa Çerkezköy factory is one of the leading manufacturing facilities of the textile sector in the world with both its production capacity and its modern and technological infrastructure. Thread, warp and weaving, dyeing, chemical finishing processes are all carried out in Çerkezköy factory. Yünsa produces and uses its own yarn in all these processes. 
Yünsa Çerkezköy factory has an annual production capacity of 4,500 tons of combed yarn, has a fabric weaving capacity of 12.5 million meters, and employs over 1000 employees in the factory. 100% wool fabrics constitute most of the production. In addition, the production is made by blending wool with cashmere, silk, elastane, cotton, linen and viscose. In addition to fabrics for men’s and women’s wear, uniform fabrics are also produced. 
Export Figures & Export Countries
Turnover of Yünsa has reached 297,6 million TL from 247 million TL with 20% increase. In the Q2 of 2018, it has reached 169,6 million TL. 67 percent of this turnover has been generated through export sales. Today, Yünsa exports more than fifty countries and provide over 400 customers with its products. In Turkey, it realized 70% of the total export in its industry. 2/3 of the annual turnover of Yünsa is generated through export sales and that corresponds with around 5% of the world’s total wool fabric market. 
Yünsa has exported products with a value of more than 906 million TL to international market for the last 5 years.  Last year, with an export sales revenue of 199 million TL, it participated in TIM 2017 “Top 1000 Exporters” research. By increasing its export revenue by 19% compared to the previous year, it has participated to the economic growth of our country, national economy and industrial accumulation. Yünsa has reinforced its success in exports with its brand value as well. In the research which international brand valuation organization Brand Finance has evaluated the brands operating in Turkey in various industries, Yünsa has raised its brand strength from “BBB” to “A” and has been certified as one of the 100 most valuable brands.
Germany is the country which Yünsa has the most market share abroad. Apart from Germany; France, Italy, England, Spain, Sweden and the USA are among the countries which export sales are realized.
In the forthcoming periods, along with Europe and USA market which it takes place actively, Yünsa aims to add Far East which it currently operates with relatively small volumes to its portfolio, and to increase its export share in Japan and South Korea especially. 

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