Yünsa Premiere Vision Paris
10 October 2018

YÜNSA racing to the top in worsted wool fabric production introduced its Spring/Summer 2014 collection in Premiere Vision Paris, the world’s largest textile and fashion fair!

YÜNSA, the largest worsted wool fabric producer of Europe and Turkey is bringing the artistic expression of technology and aesthetics and its fabrics together!

YÜNSA, one of the leading worsted wool fabric producers introduced its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection in Premiere Vision Paris. YÜNSA which has participated in the fair held in Paris between 12 -14 February 2013, since 2003 impressed with its new collection. YÜNSA, one of the Turkish companies firstly participating in Premiere Vision Paris which is the most important fashion and textile fair was the center of interest with its new collection in the fair. 

YÜNSA tracking its customers’ demands and expectations gingerly paid attention to its customers again while creating its new collection. YÜNSA standing out particularly with its companion products caught the attention of the visitors due to its collection exhibited in the fair. YÜNSA illustrated not only its companion products made of cotton and linen which was offered to market this year, but also the story of the wool. Thus, it demonstrated the power of a Turkish brand in textile sector in the fair held in Paris

Established in 1973, Yünsa is one of the top five worsted wool fabric producers in the world through its sales and marketing organization, flexibility in production, cost structure, vision and experience. YÜNSA continuing its investments without slowing down by means of sustainable and profitable growth, perpetual renewal and innovation studies supplies fabric for many famous brands. 


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