10 October 2018

Turnover of Yünsa for the three quarters is 221.7 million TL

The 9-month turnover and net term profit of Yünsa, the leading woolen fabric manufacturer of Turkey and Europe, has proved to be 221.7 million TL and 6.5 millionTL, respectively.
Yünsa, the biggest woolen fabric manufacturer of Turkey and Europe, has disclosed the first 9-month results of 2015. Accordingly the turnover of Yünsa was 221.7 million TL during January-September 2015, and the net term profit for the same period was 6.5 million TL.
At the statement given by Yünsa, it has been indicated that the financial results of the company was lower as compared to the same term of the last year, this situation was mostly as a result of the devaluation of Euro against US Dollars, which provided an advantage to the Italian fabric manufacturers as the main competitors of the company and worked to the disadvantage of the company at the USD sales markets where Yünsa was active. It has also been stated that the uncertainty of the general elections process and security concerns caused a drop in the purchasing appetite of the domestic consumers, moreover it has been expressed that the economic environment of the neighboring geography, including Russia, has reflected negatively on the direct and indirect sales.
Despite the conjuncture where the impacts of such developments on the business outcomes has been felt, it has been stated that the company has reinforced its customer and product portfolio thanks to Yünsa’s sustainable profitable growth focus with segment transfer, commercial perfection projects and Yünsa Touch collection which has been launched by the end of 2014. It has been expressed that, with the cessation of the stagnation in Europe where the company’s main export markets are located, the uncertainty in the domestic markets coming to an end and the re-acceleration of retail marketing sector, Yünsa will be able to get one step closer to its world leadership vision in 2016. Moreover, it has emphasized that domestic and external market development is expected in 2016 with the Yünsa Premium collection founded in 2015 in parallel to the growth strategy in the top segment market. It has been put forth that Yünsa has exported products to over 50 countries by promoting the Turkish brand to more than 400 customers worldwide owing to its international sales network, production and service quality, speed, flexibility and continuous design operations. Underlining the high value and criticality of efficiency in such stagnation and uncertainty environments,
Yünsa officers have indicated that they have started to reap the fruits of the efficiency studies they have been continuing since 3 years and that they are ready for a possible work volume increase in 2016 with the quality-related works. Conducting projects in diverse fields from energy efficiency to machinery efficiency, from process management to business day efficiency, Yünsa is also reinforcing its success in this area with the awards it has received. In 2014, Yünsa was granted the grand prize in Efficiency Awards organized by the Efficiency General Directorate under the Turkish Ministry of Science Industry and Technology and has continued its success in this field with the Special Jury Award in the 2nd Yalın/ 6 Sigma Project Competition. 

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