10 October 2018

Yünsa at World Trade Fairs with its collection “Journey to the Green World”:  

Original Designs are combined with Healthy Fabrics 

Yünsa, one of the leading brands that guide fashion world, exhibited 2019‐2020 autumn and winter collection at the fairs taking the pulse of fashion trends in New York, London and Munich.  The collection exhibited with the theme of “Journey to the Green World” at the distinguished fairs of the sector offers a rich color and quality options for those who are exhausted from the hectic life in the city and want to integrate themselves with nature. In addition, Yünsa’s autumn‐winter collection includes recycled fabrics, fabrics developed with new technology and providing moisture and heat management, and sustainable fabrics designed from a new generation of wool groups with high abrasion resistance. 
Yünsa, the  largest  integrated  worsted  fabric  manufacturer  and  exporter  of  Turkey  and Europe, highlighted 2019‐2020 autumn and winter collection consisting of many innovative products, which takes the pulse of fashion in the world’s largest exhibition where textile and fabric industry meets.Exporting to more than 50 countries, Yünsa presented its 2019‐2020 autumn and winter collections to  the  taste  of  the  industry  at  the  Premiere  Vision  New  York,  The  London  Textile  Fair  and  View 
Munich with the theme “Journey to the Green World”.  
Harmony between Nature and Fashion “As  a  company  that  exports  to  many  countries,  we  keep  the  pulse  of  fashion  with  the collections we have created by taking into consideration the inter‐continental fashion trends and  customer expectancies,” says Yünsa Sales & Marketing Director Bora Birgin. Today we are exporting to the world's leading apparel giants. The fabrics in our collections are used in the designs of such brands and are showcased globally. In this sense, such big fairs organized around the world are specifically important to us. This year, the collections we created with the theme of "Journey to Green World" attracted great interest in the fairs we participated until now. In  this collection, we are offering  rich color options  to  those who are exhausted from  the  hectic  life  in  the  city  and  want  to  integrate  themselves  with  nature.  In  our collection,  we  have  caught  a  modern  line  with  different  fabrics  and  details  with predominantly  green  and  earthy  tones  and  enriched  it  with  prints  symbolizing  nature  by creating powerful designs that combine fashion and nature.
Original Designs are combined with Healthy Fabrics
Holding  consumer  expectations  in  the  foreground,  Yünsa  creates  its  collections  based  on comfort  and  elegance  trends  in  both  men’s  and  women’s  fashion.  While  creating  their collections, Yünsa Sales & Marketing Director Bora Birgin stated that they gave importance not  only  to  design  but  also  to  healthy  fabric  production.  "Today,  with  the  increasing awareness of both consumers and producers, fabrics have begun to be evaluated not only in terms of design, but also in terms of environment and human health. In this sense, we see sustainability among our core business principles and implement it in the best possible way. We  believe  that  sustainability  of  wool  has  a  critical  importance  for  wool  demand.  In  this context, we support sustainability through our projects for the most efficient use of natural resources  such  as  the  standards  we  apply  and  the  use  of  recycled  materials,  energy  and water efficiency efforts. We do not use any chemical substances  that are prohibited in our manufacturing processes. As sustainability reporting can be prepared with the contributions of  stakeholders,  they are of great importance  to  strengthen  the company’s  reputation and provide competitive advantage.”

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