10 October 2018

Turnover of Yünsa for 2015 is 264 million TL

2015 turnover and net term profit of Yünsa, the leading woolen fabric manufacturer of Turkey and Europe, has proved to be 264 million TL and 5 million TL, respectively
At the statement given by Yünsa, it has been indicated that Yünsa has also been influenced by the negative circumstances experienced in the global markets and by the connected drop in the purchasing appetite of the domestic consumers; moreover, it has been expressed that the negative environment of the neighboring geography of Turkey, had a direct or indirect negative impact on their sales. It has been stated that the financial results of the company was lower as compared to the last year, which was mostly as a result of the uncertainty in the global markets, particularly in Europe, and adverse reflections of financial problems and security issues on consumer habits. It has also been mentioned that the restructuring works completed last year caused a one-time burden of 5 million TL in 2015 income statement. 
It has been stated that with the decreasing signals of the uncertainty in Europe, which hosts the major export markets of the company, the recovery of textile industry and a related increase in the purchasing appetite of consumers are expected to make positive impacts in the business results of 2016. Additionally, it has been emphasized that termination of the uncertainty in the domestic markets and acceleration of the retail industry will positively affect the figures in 2016. 
Having completed the year 2015 under the shades of the negativities in the global markets, textile industry is hopeful about the year 2016. Underlining the high value and criticality of efficiency in such stagnation and uncertainty environments, Yünsa officers have indicated that they have started to reap the fruits of the efficiency studies they have been continuing since 3 years and that with quality-oriented studies, they will be focusing on the target domestic and foreign markets in 2016. Yünsa aims at a growth strategy specifically in the top segment market in 2016 and foresees acceleration in Yünsa Premium collection launched in 2015; in this regard, Yünsa continues working with the idea of unconditional customer satisfaction.
It has been informed that Yünsa has exported products to over 50 countries by promoting the Turkish brand to more than 400 customers worldwide by means of its international sales network, production and service quality, speed, flexibility and continuous design operations. 
Thanks to Yünsa’s ongoing restructuring process and efficiency projects, productivity rate has increased. Conducted projects have made savings in many areas starting with themanufacturing processes. 

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