10 October 2018

Wool Fashion in Suits With Yünsa Collections 

While the ‘comfort’ trend in men’s fashion increases its effectiveness day by day, wool fabrics that provide comfort all day and that maintain moisture balance in our bodies are getting more and more popular in the shop windows. Turkey and Europe’s largest integrated manufacturer of high‐segment wool fabric Yünsa produces stretch wool fabrics for suits providing convenience and comfort for men wearing suits all day. Yünsa offers elegance and comfort to the ready‐made clothing giants with its collections.
While  ‘comfort’  trend  in  fashion  increases  its  effect  day  by  day,  more  comfortable,  stylish  and modern clothes are draw attention in men’s collections. Men who do not want to give up  their elegance and comfort and especially who work in office environment are now choosing suits designed from fabrics that provide comfort throughout the day. For  this  reason,  the  trend  in  the  world  is  shifting  back  to  natural  fabrics  from  synthetic fabrics. Today, wool is getting more and more precious  for both consumers and producers; besides its natural advantages alone, it can also be mixed with many raw materials such as silk, cashmere, and thus the benefit is increasing. The variety of  fabrics obtained with such blends are also displayed in shop windows with creative collections.
Comfortable Suits All‐Day with Wool
Turkey  and  Europe’s  largest  integrated  manufacturer  of  wool  fabric  Yünsa  creates  its collections according to comfort, style and elegance trends. Yünsa designs and manufactures stretch wool suit fabrics for creating convenience and comfort for men working in office all day long.  
Yünsa Sales and Marketing Director Bora Birgin stated  that men do not want  to wear suits made  from uncomfortable  fabrics besides  the intensive work  tempos  that  they  face during the  day  and  he  spoke  about  the  comfort  provided  by  wool  like  this:  “Adjusting  the  body‐environment relationship best with its breathing structure, wool may be used in all seasons, not just in winter as everyone thinks thanks to this natural conditioning feature. Wool, which is a premium product with its naturalness and quality, also comes  to  the  forefront with its durable structure. Wool is durable as well as it does not limit the freedom of movement and is a flexible fibre at the same time. That makes wool the most optimal fabric for suits.YünsaLab Casual Collection Offers Comfort and Elegance at the Same Time With YünsaLab Casual Collection, which was launched in early 2018, Yünsa offers elegance and comfort to world ready‐made clothing giants. Bora Birgin has stated  that in  the recent times,  men  prefer  a  way  of  dressing  that  is  more  comfortable,  stylish,  modern  and convenient  both  in  the  office  and  in  the  social  environment;  and  added  “We  used  pastel pinks, yellow and burgundy tones in the collection. We prioritized modern items of lycra and linen fabrics as well as cotton fabrics. For example, modern jacket fabrics are included in this collection to be combined with Chino pants”. 

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