YÜNSA increased net profit in the first 3 months by 157%!
10 October 2018

YÜNSA increased net profit in the first 3 monthsby 157%!

YÜNSA, the largest worsted wool fabric producer of Europe andTurkey made a net profit of 6.4 million TL in the first 3 months withan increase by 157% compared to the same period of the previousyear!

YÜNSA, the largest worsted wool fabric producer of Turkey and Europe announced thefinancial results of the first 3 months of 2014. YÜNSA which earned a net profit of 6.368.785TL in the period January – March 2014 keeps its sustainable and profitable growth.With an increase of net profit by 157% compared to the same period of the previous year,YÜNSA conducts its business rapidly in order to achieve the goal of world leadership withproduction and service quality, pace, flexibility and design capacity.

We obtained successful financial results in the first 3 months!

Cem Çelikoğlu, General Manager of YÜNSA spoke about the financial results obtained in thefirst 3 months: “Textile sector has its dynamics in itself and changes very rapidly. So it bringswith various challenges. Our sector in our geography experiences several difficulties arisingfrom the competition in Europe and Fareast as well. As YÜNSA, we stand against suchdifficulties and keep growing every passing day. We can see the achievements of our studieswhen we consider the first 3 months of 2014. Our revenue obtained in the first 3 month of2014 grew by 20% compared to the same period of the year and corresponded to 87.2million TL. Needless to say, our vast international network is very significant.”Çelikoğlu continued his speech as follows: “The increase in our revenue shows similaritywith our other business results. Gross profit increased by 60% compared to the same periodof 2013. In return, our net profit reached at 6.4 million TL with an increase of 157%compared to related period of 2013. These results ideally demonstrate our successful work.The competition conditions both in Fareast and Europe affect the textile sector considerably. 

At this moment, our international sales make up 70% of total sales of YÜNSA. We exportmore than 50 countries, in short, we have a wide network giving service all around theworld. Since we sell abroad predominantly, we obtain a great majority of our revenue fromthe international sales. As YÜNSA, we create distinction from our competitors throughserving to upper segments and creating our own collection and designs.”

Our greatest values are our employees!

Çelikoğlu stated that the greatest values of YÜNSA are its employees and continued: “Today,the greatest value of YÜNSA is its employees. We are a family of 1,900 people with a verysignificant level of knowledge and experience. We have wise objectives substantially. In asimple sense, there are two formulas of achieving these objectives. One is that we started toarrange interiors of our house better. We conduct very successful studies in terms ofefficiency due to TPM projects which have been carried our since 2012 May. We control ourcosts better. The goal of such projects is primarily determining and eliminating all losses ofour enterprise, improving all of our business parameters by performing developmentapplications at the points where the losses are minimized; thus, increasing our efficiencynamely, our profitability. The second one is that we focus on the upper segments which wecall A+. We think that the most important opportunity to be differentiated from ourcompetitors is our successful studies. Nowadays, we provide service to the most prestigiousbrands of the world at this luxury segment. In this sense, quality, meeting customerexpectations properly, quickness and service are the most significant criteria for us. We planto reach our goal of world leadership through these studies.”

We develop regularly!

Çelikoğlu continued his speech as follows: “At the present time, the competitionaccelerates increasingly; conducting technological and innovative studies in a systematicway has gained importance and development of the innovative products with high addedvalue is mandatory in order to reach new markets and new customers. In YÜNSA R&DCenter established in 2010 with the purpose of creating an enthusiastic atmosphere basedon innovation culture and leading the sector for developing new technologies, it is aimed atrealizing the projects which develop innovative products, equipment and processes, raiseproductivity and reduce the product costs. In the first quarter of 2014, a total of 56 R&Dprojects, 10 of which are public-supported projects were conducted within the project portfolio of R&D Center; in total, 85 projects, 7 of which were public-supported werecompleted and successful outcomes were obtained.


  2014 March Change by 2013 March
Revenue (TL) 87.228.588 %20
Gross Profit (TL) 22.349.323 %60
Net Profit (TL) 6.368.785 %157



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