YÜNSA increases its turnover by 22% in first 6months!
10 October 2018

YÜNSA increases its turnover by 22% in first 6months!

YÜNSA, the largest wool fabric manufacturer in Turkey and Europe,reached a turnover of 170 million TL in first 6 months by 22%increase in comparison with same period of last year!

YÜNSA the largest wool fabric manufacturer in Turkey and Europe released financial results of first 6-months of 2014. The company generated an income of TL 170.224.160 from sales in the periodJanuary – June 2014. 

YÜNSA which increased its turnover by 22% in comparison with same period of 2013 continues itsoperations to reach its vision of world leadership with its international sales network, manufactureand service quality, speed, flexibility and design power.

We continue growing!

YÜNSA General Manager Cem Çelikoğlu said the following in relation to financial results achieved infirst 6 months: “Today, as the largest wool fabric manufacturer in Turkey and Europe, we owe oursuccess to sustainable activities we execute, experienced YÜNSA crew and our experience. Textileindustry is an industry with different dynamics in itself that shows rapid change and change shapevery rapidly according to customer expectations and demands. Being successful under suchconditions comes with adaptation to change. We swiftly advance towards our aim of becomingWorld leader with our extensive international sales network, our flexible structure that allows uschanging our processes according to customer demands, our productivity activities and ourexperience. Approximately 70% of sales of YÜNSA which exports over 50 countries in the worldtoday is comprised of international sales. We, YÜNSA provide service to higher groups, create ourown collection, our own designs, dissociate from our competitors in this market conditions and gainpower from competition. Accordingly, financial results obtained are pleasing.”

Çelikoğlu went on his statements: “When we asses first 6 months of 2014, we see a successfulfinancial statement, we continue sustainable profitable growth. During initial 6 months of 2014, ourturnover grew by 22% in proportion to same period of last year and amounted to 170 million TL. Theincrease we obtained at our turnover shows similarity with other business results as well. Our netprofit for the year increased approximately 312% in comparison with same period of last year andamounted to 29 million TL: Our gross profit showed an increase of 37% in comparison with sameperiod of 2013. These results are the maximal indicators of successful operations we execute.”

Cem Çelikoğlu who said that they attained success thanks to operationalproductivity, discipline at business processes and commercial excellence went onhis statements: “Contributions to our successful business results of productivity,business processes, commercial excellence, our 40-year experience and of course our employees areinfinite. I believe that we will obtain successful business results also during rest of the year thanks tothis contribution. We, YÜNSA perform productivity operations since 2012. By means of suchproductivity operations we call TPM; we efficiently manage our costs, we define and eliminate alllosses of our enterprise, we improve all our business parameters by implementing furtherimprovement actions at points where losses are reduced to a minimum and we increase ourproductivity, accordingly, our profitability. Such successful productivity operations executed by uswere crowned by first prize awarded at "2014 Productivity Project Awards" organized in June by theMinistry of Science, Industry and Technology Directorate General for Productivity. This prize is a finesample for our executing accurate and successful productivity operations.”


  June 2014 Change by June 2013
Turnover (TL) 170.224.160 22%
Gross Profit (TL) 42.993.675 37%
Net Profit (TL) 29.024.957 312%



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